Diocesan News

New Bishop

Peter F. Christensen

Introducing the Seminarians

Mr. Mark Uhlenkott

Mark is from Cottonwood. He went to college at Franciscan University in Steubenville after which he began seminary formation at Mt. Angel. Mark is currently on his Pastoral year Twin Falls. Mark will go to St. Edward's once he returns from a Spanish Language immersion in Mexico, where he is currently. Mark spent the summer in Alaska in the Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE).

Mr. John Kucera

John is from Lewiston and attended Lewis and Clark State College. John then entered seminary at Mt. Angel and is currently in Theology II. Next summer John will attend CPE, a Spanish Language Immersion and then embark on his Pastoral Year assignment in a parish yet to be determined.

Mr. Geoff Daigh

Geoff is from Coeur d'Alene. His father is a permanent deacon who now resides with his wife and family in Moscow. Geoff studied at the University of Idaho and at Idaho State. Geoff spent two years at Mt. Angel in the Pre-Theology Program and is now in his first year of Theology at Mundelein Seminary in Chicago.

Mr. Nathan Dail

Nathan is from Moscow where he attended the University of Idaho. He spent four years with the Legionnaires of Christ. After his time in religious life, Nathan joined the Diocese of Boise, is now at Mt. Angel Seminary, and is in Theology I.

Mr. Joseph Lustig

Joseph is also a Cottonwood native who attended Ave Maria University. After completing his Philosophical studies, he enrolled at Mt. Angel Seminary and is beginning Theology I.

Mr. Mitch Hornsby

Mitch is from Boise and attended the University of Idaho where he went through the RCIA process and entered the Catholic Church. Since then his entire family has entered the Church! Mitch is now at Mt. Angel Seminary in Pre-Theology I.

Mr. Peter Murphy

Peter is from Boise and is also the son of a Deacon. After spending a year abroad in Italy, Peter attended Idaho State University for a few years until entering Mt. Angel Seminary. Peter is in College II.

Mr. John Mosier

Pre-Theology II, Mt. Angel

Mr. Nelson Cintra

Pre-Theology I, Mundelein