Our Catholic Tradition
From earliest times, people have been concerned that their final resting place be near to where their family and community gathers so that they may be held in remembrance.

In earlier Christian times, the place of burial was often within the church itself where the faithful gathered for the Sunday liturgy.

When space within the church was no longer available, the churchyard cemetery developed. Only in recent times have cemeteries been removed from centers of life and prayer.

Since 1981 the Church has permitted cremation. The cremated remains of the body can be present at the Vigil and Funeral Mass. However, it is preferred that cremation take place following the Funeral Mass.

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The Columbarium’s design reflects the quality, natural material, artwork, and theology that shaped the church. It is constructed of poured concrete, and veneered with Oakley stone and sandstone.

In time, the Columbarium will include more bas-reliefs of saints from different eras of the Church’s life. This will echo the Catholic appreciation for the Communion of Saints, an unbroken union between those who died and those now living. The bas-reliefs are provided through generous donations. If you would like to donate the monies for a bas relief, call the parish office.

The Columbarium at Risen Christ is for the inurnment of Risen Christ parishioners and their families. Others may be inurned in the Columbarium at the discretion of the Columbarium Trustees. Names of those buried or inurned elsewhere may also be engraved on the Columbarium Memorial Wall.

The Columbarium is located to the right of the church entrance. In future years, when the church is expanded, the Columbarium will be adjacent to and visible from the day chapel.

Each niche is enclosed with a protective front of granite, engraved with the name and dates of birth and death of the person inurned.

Niches may be reserved by contacting the parish office.

When the Application is submitted the application should include the name of the person(s) who remains will be inurned. The applicant receives a Certificate of Entitlement for a designated niche, and assurance of perpetual care.

Each niche is enclosed with a protective front of granite, engraved with the name and dates of birth and death of the person inurned.

  • Niche (single use) $1000

  • Niche (double use) $1500

  • Memorial Wall Engraving $200

(Costs are subject to change by the Columbarium Trust Committee.)

On going care and maintenance of the Columbarium is provided by the Columbarium Trust Committee. The pastor serves as President of the Trust Committee.

Additional Information
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