Children's Food for SVdP

Thank you to the children who participate in our children's offertory!

DID YOU KNOW that Risen Christ has a St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry? We would love for children to bring pantry items for their weekly offertory (they may be placed in the basket when Father Ben asks for children to come forth with their gifts).

We currently need small containers of:

  •  Jelly/jam in plastic jars (no glass)
  •  Individual mac & cheese
  •  Stew in a can (like Dinty Moore's)
  •  Soups (tomato, chicken & rice, beef with vegetables, chunky soups, etc.)
  • Canned dinners (mini ravioli, chicken, tuna, etc.)
  • Granola bars (individually wrapped)
  • Canned fruit (peaches, pears, applesauce, etc.)

We can also use:

  • Individually wrapped bars of soap
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet Paper (individually wrapped or pack of 4)
  • Kleenex
  • Paper Towels (individually wrapped or pack of 2)