Ministry Chairpersons Information

+ Ministry chairperson needs to send in all correspondence to the parish office.

+ Calendar for the year September 1st through August 31st

          - Requests must be emailed to parish office no later than August 1st

          - Requests must include date, time, and room.

+ Requests for announcements or tables must be emailed to the office at least 3 weeks before request date. Requests the week of will not be accepted.

+ Bulletin requests should be emailed to the office no later than 8am the Monday before the weekend bulletin. The week before will help bulletin staff.

          - Room requests will be entered on the calendar schedule, if available room space.

          - Bulletin articles may be shortened or expanded.

          - Keep articles short, to the point.

+ Chairperson must attend their ministry meeting.

+ Kitchen use

          - Ministry chairs need to be trained on use of equipment by parish office.

          - All spaces must be kept clean.

    - All dishes, plates, cups, silverware, etc.… must be cleaned, dried, and returned to their place.  Even if you use one cup, clean, dry, and put away.

          - Label and date all food in refrigerator with ministry name.

          - Don’t leave alcohol in refrigerator.  Take it home after meeting.

+ Printing

          - Ministry chairperson may stop by the parish office during business hours to have things printed for ministry purposes.

          - Ministries must put together/create their own forms, signs, etc.… The parish office will not do this.

+ Damage, repairs needed, supplies needed, please email the parish office.

          - Don’t make repairs or adjustments, contact the office.


Thank you for attending to these many Chairperson tasks!